Monday, May 12, 2008

Jordaan Fell TO THE Swimming pool!

This 6th of may at 8:50 am with our first newsWith reporter yudhis at JPEG with our 1st news it is about jordaan . He fall to the swing pool and may be jordaan didn’t relize if he dashed to the swimming pool near the swimming pool and splash !. now on we lost for our track editor for a while and now he is back. And Jordan may be fill cold now and he is our first hero and he is laughable ha…ha….ha…ha. Poor jordaan

Monday, May 5, 2008

10 TOP Things that I learned

1. Walking

2. Speaking

3. eating by my self

4. Know my own name /yudhis

5. Learning ABC

6. Read

7. Making friends

8. Riding a bycicle

9. Counting number

10. Drawing

Monday, April 28, 2008

my job that i got in jpeg

Hei guys i got a work in the jpeg radio station as you know my voice is good so i become a reporter how ever it is its fun and this is my first word that i do and this is it:Making Charlotte's web farm in grade three class inSPH. Yudhis. goodbye.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

yudhis reflection about reporters

Reflection of Being a Reporter by Yudhis

To be reporters mean that we have to be good at covering, reporting and writing. We have to be healthy, energetic, active, polite and courteous, time sensitive and good at team work. Why, because reporters gather facts and write informative stories for the media and news outlet. Reporters are expected to be objective. They keep their opinions out of their stories. It's difficult in practice. The stories written by reporters should be accurate and fair to represent the people discussed in the story.Journalist is sometimes used as a synonym for "reporter." However, it can have a larger scope, as well. Anyone who writes for a news outlet can be called a journalist. When I want to be a newspaper reporter, there is one aspect I must remember, i.e. about details. To be a newspaper reporter requires more details in his efforts to present the whole story. Graphs, pie charts, photos, quotes and specific information are all part of the newspaper writer’s arsenal. Newspaper articles often contain more background information that is not presented in other media. A newspaper article includes statistics or a history on related incidents.
Newspapers have only one deadline per day. So, newspaper reporters have to be able to work on a deadline. Having a variety of sources makes for a more interesting and balanced story. The newspaper reporter is often looking for the compelling side of a story that makes for “good copy”. This means the reporter is always looking for an interesting quote, a unique angle, or a picture and photo that shows action or tells a story, to make interesting article.

Monday, April 21, 2008

my clothes for jpeg radio station

hello iam yudhis i wanted to use this clothes because i like this clothes and this is the best clothes that i have and it makes me look like a men

Monday, April 14, 2008


my character for the bookweek is hercules

Monday, April 7, 2008

heartline radio station [reflection]

on the 2 of april 2008 all off the grade3 wented to heartline radios station 100.6 on karawaci in tanggerang.

. When we wented to karawaci we waited on the bus fromed here until their is took us for 3 hour. i bring many food and some of my friends ate it .

we meet jose, on the radio station and also i asked many question and all off the grade3 was interwiew the people ofer their after that we all ate hoka-hoka bento.

after the lunch we met: mr.david lee,mrs.chary,pak jose, ibu ria and then they tell how do radio station worked.

after a while we have playing games with them an we all get a book mark

after the tired time we go home but a litle bit to late because its long from here until bogor.